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Sandwich Panels

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel is also called EPS Sandwich Panel. The top & bottom Surface of this panel is Galvanized & pre-painted steel sheets, core material is polystyrene, it is formatted by laminating and pressing with 2 components of PU glue. The sandwich panel is featured with temperature keeping, hot & sound insulation, anti-water, and fire-resistant. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building, etc.

Pre Engineered Buildings

The Pre-engineered building system is one of the fast-growing segments globally. It has all the attributes of what the modern lifestyle demands, i.e., speed, quality, and value. there are many applications for pre-engineered buildings. it can be an automobile garage to an aircraft hangar, bakery to a dairy farm, auditorium to hospital, and factory to the community halls.

Clean Room Wall Panel

The cleanroom is an environment, typically used in Pharma Health and food processing Industry, Semiconductor manufacturing, Biotechnology, Life sciences, and other fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination. That has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbe’s aerosol particles, and chemical vapor. Cleanroom panels Designed to meet the specifications of cleanroom environments Panels Featuring 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm,100mm wall panels. This system can be used to outfit existing facilities.


The absorption of the amount of heat necessary for the change of state from a liquid to a vapor by evaporation, and the release of that amount of heat necessary for the change of state from a vapor back to the liquid by condensation are the main principles of the refrigeration process, or cycle